Who is Lyso?
Where does this name come from?

Lyso is the name of a female warrior who defended her home town Messene (close to Kalamata) against attacks. She lived in in the 3rd century b.C.

More than 1000 years after the famous Amazons you could hardly find women on the battlefields, they had been banned into house and kitchen by patriarchy. Only the women of the Dorian tribe, including Spartans and Messenians, could still choose a military career.

Lyso held the rank of a general when she died in a fight against the Spartans in one of their numerous attacks against Messene. Her home town honoured her with a memorial stone in the city centre just beside the temple. Her name is engraved in that stone.

The German translation for a female general  is “Feldherrin”. “Feld” means “field” and “Herrin” means “mistress” or “lady”. Lyso was a Feldherrin and so we chose her name for our project. We liked the double meaning of this term. A suitable name we thought: The lady of the fields. Protecting our project, our kids, our fields…